About Us

Working with pharma for strategic options to support a growth agenda

Biocel Access Solutions is actively engaging with partners across the spectrum of healthcare to offer manufacturers transformative and innovative solutions in the development of Patient Service Programs. Through the creative practice of mitigation and compliance, Biocel advises and designs effective, efficient, and exclusive solutions for its clients so they can continue to provide patients with affordable options for care and access to their brand.

Our Mission

Through innovative design and development of Patient Service Programs, Biocel is committed to collaborating with pharma in support of programs that improve the journey of care for their patients.

Complete design, fulfillment, and delivery

Biocel and its sister companies, InfinityRx and eScript360™ are realizing the complete design, fulfillment, and delivery of Patient Service Programs that are sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Biocel advises and designs solutions for emerging challenges, InfinityRx administers over those solutions, and eScript360 will deliver. Working synonymously to support their clients, (pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers) their combined service solutions and advanced technology help patients achieve their therapeutic goals while cultivating growth and profitability for their clients.

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