Market Access Solutions for Emerging Challenges

Design and advisory services supporting pharma sponsored Patient Service Programs (PSP)

Optimize your Affordability Programs through re-design and evaluation

Cost-sharing support

  • Pharmacy benefit funding, accumulator/maximizer protection
  • Medical benefit funding, choice of payee (provider/patient)
  • Programs that connect with all sites of care, including pharmacy, hospital outpatient, physician practice, home-care, and more

Free drug programs

  • Program design, including starter, bridge and PAP programs
  • Distribution channels, including stock replacement and non-commercial pharmacy dispensing

Integrate your Market Access strategy with innovative high-performing programs

Patient service programs

  • Coordinate with hub services, adherence/clinical programs, patient engagement, and more
  • Affordability programs at all sites of care, including hospital outpatient, home-care, physician practices

Program designs that address payer, prescriber, and drug service provider needs

Keep pace with market development and competitive challenges

Proactive tactics for compliance and budgetary management

Defense for accumulator and maximizer program exposure

Options to defeat the operation of these programs

Best price mitigation

Navigate price reporting functions to identify program designs that mitigate exposure